Profound, Thought Provoking, and Practical Prose Poem and Booklet

by George K. Kurker, AB, JD


Gain wisdom and inspiration Through Unique and Original Poetry

We cannot answer all the questions or solve all the problems that our opportunity of life presents to us. However, we will certainly walk the proud path of life if we continually seek and display wisdom and strive to be good and do good.

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A most timely, profound and important prose poem.

8" x 10" dignified script on beige parchment; suitable for framing.

Price, $3.00 each. ( 6 or more, $2.50 each.)

Poem Excerpts

What’s Happening?

Look around; what do you see? A society with so much --------

What’s happening? Where have we gone wrong? The answer is plain, I dare; -----------

What’s happening to character and integrity?

What’s happening to ethical and moral principles?







What’s happening to the wholesome life?

What’s happening to simple elegance and grace?


Is it too late? Can we again stand tall and proud?



What’s it going to be?

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Contains 174 original profundities, aphorisms, epigrams, and other deep expressions which will impact your opportunity of life in significant and positive ways.

Price, $6.00 each. ( 6 or more, $5.00 each. )

Sample Aphorisms

A credo: Integrity is my body; honor is my soul; pride and character are my sword and shield.


To err is human; to repeat the error is asinine.


Milk and eggs are gifts from the animals.


Love (romantic):

25% sex appeal

25% rapport

50% respect

(respective elements can be evaluated and averaged on a scale of 1-10)

Love (non-romantic):

50% rapport

50% respect


"Best friend" is relative;

"True friend" is absolute.


It's "three strikes and you're out"; but, you must give your spouse and your children nine innings.


Get out of bed! There are opportunities to greet, challenges to meet, and fears to defeat.


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